Friday, July 06, 2018


There are those that say the purpose of a business is to produce goods or services and provide jobs. Certainly so. But the reason any business is started in the first place is to make a profit. Thus, if it does not make a profit, it will ultimately go out of business.

One of the important keys to good ownership is to keep everyone connected with your organization focused on this fact. Profits go to the profit-minded.

Some people have trouble seeing how their jobs are related to profits. They may feel their job is not all that important, so it does not really matter. That is further from the truth.

The fact is that everyone who works for a Company affect profits, through good work or bad, being careful or wasteful with time and material, being present or absent, late or early, thinking of better ways to do their work or just coasting. Everyone’s performance is the sum total of their actions and ultimately contributes to a business’ potential profit or possible loss.

How do you convey to your employees that their overall performance is essential to the success of your business and its profits?

First, by being constantly profit-minded yourself.

Second, by constantly explaining the relationship of everything you or they do to profits.

Third, by recognizing and praising their cooperation in this endeavor.

The message is clear and can be conveyed. When it is, the results will be obvious. It will improve the operation and therefore the profits of a company.

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