Friday, November 16, 2018


We all like to think of ourselves as fair, compassionate and understanding people. But the fact is that we all have faults; no one is perfect. What is important is that we recognize our faults and work to correct them. A corrected fault can be used to your advantage.

For example, your employees may be reluctant to question you for fear that you will hold a grudge. Holding a grudge is negative and will have adverse effects on your Company. If a smart owner has to criticize someone for an error the employee made, they make a point to then assuage the situation as quickly as possible. This shows that the owner is firm but reasonable. This also reassures the employee that their talents are appreciated and that they are still a valuable member of the team.

It’s an owner’s priority to get things out in the open, talk them over, then help people forget them. Once again, it benefits no one to hold grudges. They are petty and can affect work relationships. They are bad for the employee, the owner and ultimately the Company.

It is a fault easily corrected.

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