Friday, November 02, 2018


When you ask your employees to do something, be sure to tell them why. It is well worth the time and effort and it also gives your request more importance.

It’s very easy to fall into the habit of simply telling people to perform tasks without explanation. While it seems like the quickest and easiest way, it is rarely the best way. When you ask an employee to do something, take the time to tell them why you want it done and the purpose of the task.

Explaining why you want something done automatically removes the curse of “bossiness”.

“Requests” come across as being much more logical and reasonable, if put as such as opposed to an “order”.

When you tell them why, you also lessen the chance of error. Employees who understand why they are doing something are less apt to make a mistake. Also, if the situation changes, they are more apt to ask questions or seek direction because they understand what was originally to be accomplished.

When you tell them why, you in effect are complimenting them by showing them the task is important enough that they fully understand the situation. This shows you respect them and appreciate their ability to fully carry out your request.

Granted, there are times when the request is so obvious that it probably does not need further explanation. Or it is a task that your employee has carried out before and done well. Finally, there are also times of emergency when people have to be told what to do quickly.

But the general rule still stands. When you ask something to be done, tell them why.

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