Friday, October 26, 2018

How To Motivate People

How to motivate employeesHow do you motivate people to produce and to do a better job? The answer is to fulfill these five basic needs.

“Economic Security”. Employees should feel their time and effort will be fairly rewarded.

“Emotional Security”. As an owner or manager of a Carpet Cleaning Company you must create a climate in which your employees trust you. They must feel that their jobs contribute to the goal of having a successful and ultimately profitable company.

“Recognition”. Your employees need to feel that if they work hard and are good at their jobs, they will be appreciated and praised.

“Self Expression”. Your employees should be encouraged to communicate their ideas, make suggestions, mention concerns and in general express their opinions. They should be able to do this without fear of retribution by you or their fellow employees.

“Self Respect”. All of your employees are part of the aforementioned goal of making the Company successful and profitable. Even though those parts make a whole, each one should be treated as an individual and be respected.

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