Friday, October 12, 2018


The first thing you or your employees should remember in dealing with an angry customer, is don’t take it personally. If the complaint is taken personally, it may tend to make the matter worse. Therefore, you should just listen and keep your personal feelings out of it.

The second thing is to not argue or contradict, regardless if you are right or wrong. Just be a concerned, interested and sympathetic listener. Angry people are difficult to reason with until they have gotten everything out of their system. So let them! Once they are done venting, they will feel better. Then, you can start to talk things over rationally.

If you and your company are wrong, then admit it promptly and set out to make amends and fix the situation. If you feel the customer is wrong, be careful! Don’t take it upon yourself to tell them so. People don’t like to be wrong especially after they have been on a rant.

Just discuss the matter calmly until your customer hopefully begins to see that you were not entirely at fault. At that point, step in and do not let them take all the blame even if they deserve it. This is good for future relations and if they really end up feeling bad about the situation, they may not do business with you again because they are too embarrassed. Try to think of something you can do that will show how understanding you are, something that will restore feelings of goodwill toward you and your company.

What's the point in winning arguments and losing customers?

It’s always a temptation, of course, to tell angry customers to take their business elsewhere.

But it’s much more satisfying and profitable to get your customer over to your side.

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