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These are two things that plague any industry. However, in a small business like a Carpet Cleaning Company, they can be catastrophic. If anybody ever comes up with a solution for these, they would make a fortune.

With the right dispatching skills, it’s fairly easy to schedule work efficiently when everyone shows up. But, when people are unexpectedly late or absent, adjustments have to be made at the last minute. These last minute changes may be inefficient and therefore costly.

There is of course no permanent solution. Lateness and absenteeism will unfortunately always be with us. Nevertheless, there are steps an owner or manager can take to minimize the problem.

It is important that all your employees understand the problems that lateness and absenteeism create. This may seem as an obvious statement, but many people believe that it is nobody’s business but their own. They must be made to see that their actions affect the entire company, that they are part of the Team. When they are late or absent they are letting a Team down.

It’s important whether it is the owner or a manager scheduling the crews that they themselves be on time. If those in charge of the crews keep regular and prompt hours, then this instills in your employees that same sense of dedication to the Team. You can not preach one thing and then practice another.

Also, take more time to show appreciation for the work your employees do. Show them how much the Team counts on them. People who feel needed and wanted and know that their presence on the job is important are less apt to be late or absent.

If excessive lateness and absenteeism continue, then you have to ask yourself some questions. Have you made the job too boring? Has the job lost its challenge? If you feel these may the reasons, then you must find a way to remedy the situation. However, sometimes the problem is not with the job but with the employee. At that point, you must decide if you can salvage the employee or is it best to let them go? Unfortunately, if the employee is not able to be salvaged, they will affect the rest of your Team while you decide what you will do. As harsh as it seems, do not wait too long because the longer a “bad apple” is working for you the greater chance of them spoiling your entire Team.

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