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Interest and attention are just as important to people as grease and oil are to a machine. Without it, they don’t run smoothly, never perform efficiently and are prone to break downs.

Your employees are people with certain specific functions to perform. They are hired to do a job. But unlike machines, they are people and have feelings and emotions. As owners of a Carpet Cleaning Company, we need to recognize this and show that in our attitudes and actions. Doing this will help you receive a higher performance and better job from your people.

We as an owner don’t wish to seen just as a jobholder whose sole existence is to perform certain tasks. Then the same can be said about your employees. If you want to receive wholehearted and eager cooperation form those who work for you, then it is wise to recognize this important fact. People like to know you have interest in them and that you will pay attention to them.

Under the pressures and the problems of every day business we tend to ignore people, because we are too busy. The better way is to concentrate on your people and keep them in the mood to accomplish things.

It doesn’t pay to be so busy that you lose touch with your people. Good owners (managers) always find time to engage their people and show interest in them. If they have problems, listen to them, keep an open mind to any ideas they may present. It isn’t just a good thing to do, it is vital for the success of your company.

You want a relationship with your people that lets them know they can talk to you and get problems off their mind. Whether it's personal or a business related matter, it’s important that they can talk to you. Either type of issue can impair their attitude and their ability to do their job. They’ll feel better and work better, once they talk about it.

Make yourself available, be interested in them and pay attention.

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