Friday, September 28, 2018


A common response to the question of “what it takes to succeed” is the same as “what it takes to get started”.

It is “a sense of urgency about getting things done”.

People who make things move share this sense of urgency. If you don’t have it now, you need to start developing it. No matter how intelligent or competent you are, if you are complacent, then you will not get things accomplished. If you continually put things off, you will soon be left behind. In other words, another cleaner will get that big commercial account that you kept putting off to call back.

As an owner of a successful Carpet Cleaning Company, you need to possess the ability to communicate this “sense of urgency” to your employees without haranguing them or being unpleasant about it. The preferred method is by checking on your employees progress and being quick to help in any way you can.

Some people, even though they are extremely able, are slow movers. You may have to help them get started; by doing so, you are creating the “sense of urgency” for them. Be sure to compliment them when they take that start and finish the designated task in a timely and efficient manner.

Some employees react quickly, enjoy getting things done promptly and like to beat the “clock”. When you have people like that, be sure you aren’t the bottleneck. Respond to them quickly, don’t let them get frustrated by waiting for your decisions, slow-moving procedures or unnecessary red tape. Make it your job to clear any roadblocks out of their way.

Be interested and stay interested from start to finish. Always have “a sense of urgency”.

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