Friday, February 21, 2020


Everyday we either hear someone complaining about something or we ourselves complain.

People complain for various reasons. In some instances it is justified and obviously in others it is not. Therefore, there are both positive and negative effects of complaining.

On the positive side, complaining may point out things that irritate us which will help us find a solution to the issue. It may help us alleviate frustration and or relieve stress. From a psychological point, getting something out in the open is good for our mental health and well being.

On the other hand, constant complaining is negative and toxic. At the least, it will affect your mood and, if allowed, to spiral and lead to anger issues. It can drive away family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. It halts forward progress and may even lead to someone moving backwards. It can become a way of thinking and therefore will affect all of a persons decisions. It may prevent a person from appreciating anything and anyone. Ultimately, if severe enough and done for no valid reason, there is even the belief that it may cause psychological damage.

Once again, we may all have an occasion and valid reason for complaining but don’t let complaining define who you are and let it control your life.

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