Friday, May 29, 2020


High energy in the job

Are you energetic or are you bored? Energetic people are seldom bored. Boredom will sap your energy. Bored people lack creativity and drive. Boredom will make you unproductive and lackadaisical. It may cost you money or even the loss of friends and or family. So what should you do? Here are but a few ideas.

Make a “to do” list and challenge yourself to complete the list before the end of the day. Presuming you do, be sure to reward yourself. If you don’t, find out why. Was the list too long? Did you waste time during the day? Did you get distracted with other tasks not on the list? Whatever the reason or reasons, strive to correct them.

If you have tasks that you do everyday, vary the order in which you do them. This will make them less boring and give you a spark of energy.

Besides a list of everyday or normal tasks, always have one big task to accomplish each day. Finishing that task will certainly give you a huge jolt of energy. Consider doing the big task first and the energy you derive from accomplishing it will carry you through the rest of the day.

Even though you worked hard and efficiently, unforeseen events happen. Therefore, earmark one day each week as catch up day. That will enable you to tie up any loose ends.

Energetic people are happy and productive. They accomplish more in a day than a bored person will accomplish in a week.

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