Friday, August 28, 2020


We are all inundated with people’s opinions and free advice. It seems as though everyone is an expert and wishes to share experiences on a variety of topics.

The problem in accepting advice is that you may not know if it is good or bad until it is no longer needed. Advice is everywhere, especially in this age of instant communication. While some of the information may be of value, the difficulty is in ascertaining what is and what is not worthwhile and therefore valid.

Is the advice you are getting from someone who is in your particular field of endeavor? Is it from someone who once was but is no longer in your field of endeavor? If so, maybe the only advice they should give is on what not to do?

Accepting casual advice from someone on how to run your business could be devastating. Once again, you want to try to ascertain its validity to your situation and or business.

If you think talk is cheap, consider the cost of maintaining the U.S. Congress.

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