Friday, November 06, 2020

Entertaining Clients

Is a good idea or a practice that has outlived it effectiveness?

Certainly in this present atmosphere, it is probably not being done very much if it at all. However, let’s consider this practice in past times or hopefully in future times.

Twenty years ago, it was a common practice that was associated with the two martini lunch, which turned into an all afternoon affair. As times changed, entertaining became more appropriate and socially responsible. Even before the pandemic, times had changed, people are much busier, time has become even more valuable. So how does a company go about entertaining clients?

These thoughts and ideas are pre-pandemic. Perhaps ordering in pizza or some type of lunch menu for your customer. Sending over a box of pastries to go with morning coffee or tea. If your client is a sports fan, arrange for tickets to see their favorite team. You can either go with them or send a pair for the game. The better you know your client or have interacted with them, then certainly more ideas will be available.

These are but a few. The main idea is to show your appreciation for their business.

Entertaining Clients is not an outdated practice; however, the means and modes have changed. Choose carefully and appropriately.

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