Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Cleaning Carpet in Cold, Windy, Snowy Weather?

Image of a door drape keeping out bugs and cold weather

I hate to mention it, but WINTER is coming fast and your customers hate it when you let that cold in their house!

Be courteous and professional to your customers - Show them you care! Using a door drape while cleaning carpets keeps cold air, hot air, humidity, bugs and animals out of the house. Demonstrate your respect for, and provide protection to, your customer’s interior environment in the spring, summer, fall AND winter! A “must” for any truck-mount operation.

Advantages of the Bane-Clene Door Drape:

  • All carpet cleaning professionals will now be able to protect the customer’s environment and still be able to run hoses through the door.
  • Keep the weather outdoors
  • In the cold winter months, this door drape keeps the cold weather outdoors while your’re cleaning your customer’s carpet.
  • Makes for happier customers!
  • This pillowy pad fits most commercial and residential pedestrian doors.
  • Keep your customer’s pets inside!
  • Easily rolls up into a compact bag for storage.
  • Show your customer that you’re a professional - Exhibit a professional image.



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Bane-Clene Paper CatalogFree packet of information about Bane-Clene can be obtained by calling toll-free 1-800-428-9512 (U.S. ONLY!). Your information packet will include a full color catalog and price addendum. Packets will arrive in approximately 2 weeks through standard United States Mail.

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