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Winter’s Coming for Some Cleaners and Already Here for Others! Get Your Carpet Cleaning Business Ready!

Winter’s Upon Us - Be Prepared to Succeed in Carpet Cleaning Even When It’s Cold!

Winter Carpet Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning Carpets in the Winter - Some Guidelines and Advice:

Like you, I usually hate to think about winter and start wishing for the hot days that I had been complaining about.

When setting up for a job, take solution hoses into the house first. Lay them down in the entryway and set up your extension cord. Start the pump running right away. After getting all set up and moving the furniture, plug in your solution hose and start cleaning.This procedure will help keep your hoses from freezing.

Make sure cleaning heads and hoses are drained when finished cleaning. Freezing will damage the tee-jets and other brass fittings. If you do not have a heated garage, use a space heater in your van. Plug in your equipment’s electric water heater to keep clean water hot. This will help keep the inside of the van warm, too.

Be sure to do all the necessary and routine maintenance on your equipment. Have spare pump screws and a stator handy. Carry a shovel to clean side walks and areas around the van. Don’t forget to use door drapes to keep the heat inside the house and the cold out. Be sure to wear shoe booties inside the house or building - don’t bring snow, salt and grime into the home!

Spray a silicone lubricant on the outer edge of truck doors that are frozen shut. Wait a few minutes until the silicone sinks in then try to open the door gently. Don’t yank on it or you may damage the weather stripping.

If the emergency or parking brake won’t release, rock the truck back and forth gently by putting it in forward and then reverse while trying to release the brake. If this doesn’t work, have it towed somewhere warm so the cables underneath can thaw.

Ice buildup around windshield wipers will damage the blades and may cause the wiper motors to burn out.

A frozen cooling fan can cause the engine to overheat. Watch the temperature gauge. If it starts to climb into the red, stop. Turn off the truck and wait a few minutes, then try starting it again.

Most of the calls we get in the winter about frozen pumps, busted stators, etc. in the winter are from warm states like Florida. Most of our customers in “frigid North” know the necessity of being prepared!

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