Friday, February 25, 2022


Small Business Statistics

Most businesses start out as Mom & Pop enterprises. These are for statistical purposes referred to as “Small Businesses”.

Most estimates have the number of these approaching 29 million. Which is over 99% of all business enterprises. They employ almost 57 million people which is 47% for all businesses.

Most of these businesses will remain as Mom & Pop enterprises. Which was the original intent of the owner(s). Still others will grow and expand. Some of this is by design, other times it is by filling a niche need.

So as this business expands it will need employees beyond the principles. Subsequently, if that growth continues beyond a handful of employees, then managers will be needed along with various others to fill roles that the original owners were filling.

The owner(s) of this business, in order to be successful, will need to carefully select from the current group of employees or by hiring from the outside a manager. This is necessary because of the growth (expansion) of the business. This person will become an understudy to the owner(s). This will allow the principles time to train others. Also, they will have time to think outside the normal daily needs and expectations of the business. This will allow them the opportunity to call upon other people and businesses. These contacts may provide them with the tools and knowledge to further expand and grow their “Small Business”.

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