Friday, October 07, 2022


Having responsibility for people whether as an Owner, Manager or Supervisor has its ups and downs.

One of the down or difficult situations is dealing with an employee’s personal problems. It is vitally important to approach the employee in a compassionate and helpful way.

If an employee is having difficulty with their tasks, then it is up to the “boss” to find out why. Is it a lack of training or is the employee ambivalent to the job? It should be pointed out the difference between Company standards and the employee’s performance. That scenario may hopefully be corrected with evaluation, education or a “pep” talk.

But what if the employee is having personal problems brought on by a situation at home or at work? The boss must tread carefully when getting embroiled in melodramas, inter-company conflicts or family and or home issues. The boss can initiate a conversation stating that there is an issue and assuring that they are there to help and endeavor to solve the problem. This should let the employee know that the boss is willing to listen and work with them.

If the personal problem is a conflict within the Company, that should be fairly easy to address and solve. However, if the issue involves some type of addiction or problems with family or at home, then it is best to work with the employee to seek professional medical and or counseling services.

The last thing the boss wants is for personal problems to spiral out of control

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