Friday, October 14, 2022


Are you someone who is or do you know someone who is wasting time?

People who perform tasks or accomplish duties on time and in an efficient way have learned to avoid pitfalls that waste time.

Among them are:

   Laziness.   Not effectively using their time whether for work or even play. For some people, it is a simple avoidance of tasks or duties. Do they find the task is too difficult or are they uncomfortable in performing it? For still others, it is a character flaw because they may be lazy by nature.

   Procrastination.   Delaying or otherwise unnecessarily and voluntarily postponing tasks that require immediate attention, which may result in negative or possibly irreversible consequences. Unfortunately for some people this becomes habitual or worse yet it is intentional.

   Distraction.   People let anything or anyone interrupt their attempt to perform a task or fulfill a duty. Is the distraction caused by a lack of their ability to focus? Or do they not like the task or duty they are to perform so they simply allow themselves to become distracted? Or do they feel it is beneath them and purposefully become distracted?

   Impatience.   These people are annoyed or irritated by mistakes. Are the mistakes the fault of a person due to a lack of preparation, thoroughness or initiative? Their mistakes may be reduced or avoided by more or improved training. If the mistakes are due to a lack of the abilities of the person, then a substitute person may be the answer. However, if the mistakes are due to outside factors then these while not insurmountable are more difficult to prevent or correct. So therefore be patient.

It’s been said time is short therefore one can presume that wasting time is time wasted.

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