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Statistics place the United States population at approximately 326.7 million people. Of course, this is based about census data. So more than likely, it is higher than that. How much higher is obviously speculation. Whatever the number is, a Small Business should know its market and base its advertising to cultivate that market. Certainly a market may cross over many demographics. However more often than not, one particular demographic will generate the majority of the income and consequently the success of a Company.

A Carpet Cleaning Company’s main demographic is a composite of a portion of the population that fits this profile.

  • Over 55 years old.
  • Own their home.
  • Has an income stream that affords them “discretionary” income.

This demographic will possess the means and the needs which are necessary to purchase cleaning and other services. They tend to not be of the “Do It Yourself” category. They travel but not to the extreme, they frequent restaurants although meal delivery has increased greatly.

Ultimately, their home is their “castle”, their “fortress of solitude”, their “refuge” from everyday trials and tribulations. Therefore, they will strive to keep it looking and being as “perfect” as possible.

Take all of this into account as you advertise and market your services. These people have money to spend and will spend it with those Companies that provide high quality services. They will also spend it with a Company that offers services at competitive prices.

You don’t have to be the cheapest but don’t price yourself out of your market.

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