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Be Careful

Be Careful

Is your company not receiving a reasonable amount of repeat and referral business? It may behoove you to consider what is being discussed or done in a customer’s home. If a customer doesn’t like what transpired, they probably went somewhere else the next time for service. If the first fifteen minutes of a service call is spent telling them how busy you are and why you were late, they may begin to doubt all of your abilities. They’re probably thinking that if you didn’t talk so much you might just have been on time. On entering a customer’s home or place of business, keep your eyes on your job. If you’re there to clean the carpet, the carpet should be the focal point of your attention as much as possible. Never stare or comment on any of their possessions. People are naturally leery of what they may feel is someone casing their home.

Customers of a tolerant nature and of extremely polite manners may put up with a long-winded service operator. However, in the end most customers will tire of political, religious and other sensitive topics even if their views align with yours or your technician. Bluntly the majority of people don’t like it. People who work in the service industry often find themselves with a captive audience. Some operators unfortunately use this opportunity to preach. Bottom line, most just talk too much. Truly busy people don’t have the time to talk about how busy they are or give excuses why they are late or engage in non-essential conversation.

Be Careful what is said and done while on site - the success and profitability of the Company may depend on it.

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