Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bring on the carpet

A British couple filed a law suit because of noisy upstairs neighbors' shoes on a wooden floor. The suit names the London landlord of the £5 million apartment for maintaining a "noise nuisance." The plaintiffs say their lives are miserable because of the noise of clicking heels from the family of five that lives above them.

The suit asks that the landlord replace the wooden floor with carpet, according to The London Daily Telegraph. "The appellants' case is that the nature of the flooring is such that the nuisance arises from normal use, which would be abated by the respondent laying carpet and underlay, as required by the lease."

Brits aren't the only ones disliking hard floors. Besides dust balls rolling like tumbleweed, ugly scuff marks are taking the luster off hard floors. Serious slip and fall accidents that could be avoided with carpeted floors and the fact that folks are tiring of the same old look are bringing carpet back to the forefront of interior decor.

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