Monday, April 23, 2012

Complaint on cleaning equipment claims

The Council of Better Business Bureaus has challenged Tenant® Company's advertising. The complaint was made by Nilfisk-Advance®, Inc., a competitor. Tennant's machine is said to convert plain water by electrolysis into an environmentally safe cleaning agent. Tennant says the water performs like a powerful detergent and reduces environmental impact by more than 90%. Their claims are said to be supported by independent third party testing.

This makes me wonder when the CRI® Seal of Approval program will be challenged. CRI's independent lab testing has certified that a little Rug Doctor® rental machine can clean as well or better than some powerful truck-mounted cleaning systems. CRI uses an independent lab which is said to have had input from NASA. CRI claims they use space age technology and equate their tests of cleaning machines and chemicals to "Rocket Science."

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