Friday, July 27, 2012

Ah! Those Scots

Besides dust balls and slip and fall accidents, hard floors are falling out-of-favor with a widening number of consumers. In April, I wrote about folks in England complaining about noise from hard floors in apartments above them and filing law suits in court for relief in the problem.

Now hardwood floors have been banned from thousands of apartments in two of Scotland’s largest cities. According to the Scottish Daily Record, complaints about noise have caused landlords in Edinburgh and Dundee to be ordered to install carpet.

Owners face up to $6,000 per unit in cost for new carpet for each apartment and are not happy. Complainers say the order will improve the lives of thousands of Scots living in apartments who suffer from noisy neighbors who clomp around above them.

The news is good for those in the carpet cleaning business. I was here for the first carpet revolution and it started much the same way. It steadily gained strength and finally rolled like a juggernaut to dominate the flooring industry. It hasn't started to roll yet this time, but it will.

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