Monday, February 25, 2013

Beaulieu's new solution dyed nylon

Beaulieu has introduced a new carpet collection to its Bliss line called "Indulgence." They claim it's very soft and offers the ultimate in performance. The new product, a solution dyed nylon, is said to be colorfast and stain resistant. Additional features include Beaulieu’s odor treatment that reduces household odors and Indulgence also has an added fiber protector treatment.

The best way to explain solution dyed carpet is the carrot and radish analogy. The carrot's orange color goes all the way through which is the essence of solution dyeing where the color is actually "IN" the fiber. Most* dyeing methods are best described as the color being "ON" the fiber, thus the example of scraping the red off a radish to expose a white center.

Beaulieu says "Indulgence" is "incredibly soft, durable, can be spot cleaned with a 50% solution of bleach and water and has a new carpet backing that "lays flat and stays flat." The Bliss Serenity Guarantee includes a "Lifetime no exclusion stain removal warranty." In the past, solution dyed fibers have lacked softness. Hopefully this will be the exception.

*Stock dyeing, skein dyeing, space dyeing, post dyeing, beck dyeing, piece dyeing and multi color applications like print dyeing are methods that fit the radish example.

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