Friday, February 08, 2013

Door knob hangers again

A brochure came in the mail the other day selling advertising to hang on a prospect's door knob. Some cleaning firms use this seemingly harmless and inexpensive "business getter" to attract attention to the fact that they have cleaned a neighbor's carpet or furniture. Doorknob hangers are touted by many as being cheap advertising. I warn about this occasionally for several reasons. First, you may be bitten by a dog going up to someone's door.

The reality is that no effective advertising is cheap. While on the surface it may seem like a good idea, there are ramifications that should be considered before resorting to this type of advertising program. An important reason is that police sources say professional burglars watch for telltale signs such as newspapers, doorknob hangers and circulars not being removed on a residence as a good prospect for their illegal activities.

The only time our service company uses a doorknob hanger is when we have an appointment and on arrival find no one at home. Then we leave the hanger with a notice that we were there, the time and a request that the customer call us to reschedule the appointment.

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