Monday, July 22, 2013

Fake water

Years ago at Mini Clinics, I used a 3' x 5' nylon carpet sample with Jute back for a cleaning demonstration. The jute backing tells you how long ago this was. My son Don would make 40 passes over the carpet with the solution and vacuum on full force and then we would turn the sample over so the audience could see that the jute back was dry.

Then the audience would feel the face fibers were just damp. A woman in Cleveland accused me of using fake water to keep it that dry. Being a little skeptical is a good thing and I always think of her when I see some of the shenanigans pulled on unsuspecting people in our business. It's a shame she isn't around to cry "fake" with some of the stuff that's going on today.

The moral: Be open to improving your company's position in the industry but show a healthy amount of skepticism in accepting advice from anyone. Remember what the Mayor of River City, Iowa said! "Get his credentials!"

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