Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Plus sales vs. upselling

A large number of service companies are basing their pay scales on the amount of upselling done at the job location. In fact, some companies only pay a commission on the amount that is sold above the original order. Some even attempt to upsell when the appointment is made by paying a commission to the phone person on the amount they can upsell from the original order. These operations are normally ripe for fraud and nearly all use B&S advertising.

Introducing a customer to other services and products you may offer is not the same as pressure selling. In fact, it's a service to busy people who may not be fully aware of all you do. Customers may not know that you offer fabric protection, odor control, furniture and drapery cleaning or that you are equipped to clean their hardwood, stone or tile floors.

Leave a brochure that tells of your complete line of service. Practice the art of bringing a conversation around to discussing these services and other "plus sales" items. Don't try to "sell them the store" simply because they are receptive. Introduce the customer only to those things they truly need. Most important....Never be pushy!

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