Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Fed is 100 this month

They were authorized by Congress in 1913 and they're among the smartest people in the world. But there is another layer of intellectual gelatin above them calling the shots. Take " Quantitative Easing" for an example. "QE" was supposed to taper off when the economy started to pick up. Just the other day I heard the president say that he's creating lots of jobs and the economy is getting better. Then why doesn't the Fed back off on "QE?"

They keep up "QE" because of their big money interests. The Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank, World Trade Organization and other world trade enthusiasts haven't extracted enough of our savings yet to bring up living standards in 3rd world nations. This elite group smells massive sales of all the stuff that people would use if they just had some money. The problem is right now they don't have any money.....and we have so much!

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