Monday, September 30, 2013

Shaw® & Mohawk® to invest $280 million in Northwest Georgia

Shaw plans to spend $85 million on a carpet tile manufacturing plant in Adairsville that will employee 500 people. The company also plans to upgrade its distribution system with an additional 535,000 square feet of warehouse space in Dalton. Over the next five years, Shaw said it expects to add 110 employees in Northwest Georgia.

Mohawk is spending 180 million that will add 500 more jobs. They're also into a new ad campaign titled, "License to Spill." If ever an ad campaign suggested the need for professional cleaning service this is it. Mohawk is promoting their SmartStrand® brand by pouring chocolate, fondue and chili dog sauce on a sample carpet and then cleaning it with just plain water.

Recognize the script? It reminds me of Amoco's big roll-out for Marquesa Lana in the '90s. Don Barrett, who was in charge, went far beyond what Mohawk dared to do. He poured bowl cleaner, battery acid, shoe polish, hair dye, mustard, ketchup, red wine and anything else the audience wanted to bring on the sample carpet before it was cleaned by a Bane-Clene® operator. More than a hundred of you were involved in these shows nationwide and prospered.

The demos were intended to show that the carpet didn't need a professional to clean it, but just calling attention to the mess brought instant business to most of you who did those demonstrations. Carpet still needs to be cleaned and so will the new miracle fibers. And Beaulieu® has been advertising their Bliss Brand heavily. These are all signs that the carpet industry is on the rebound and we wish them well. The health and welfare of the cleaning business is directly related to that of the carpet industry. Pent up demand definitely means more business in 2014.

Better be ready!

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