Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Information on a fast track

Watching the news it was interesting to hear a reporter talking about how the news business has changed because of instant communications. As a low-tech person who still doesn't even have a smart phone, I began to think about the old days of slow-flow information. Whenever we discovered something helpful, it would take weeks or even months for it to filter down to our customers. Today a few key strokes on a special e-mail list and every customer gets the latest information almost immediately.

More important, the information flow phenomenon has become a two-way conduit. People who are not even customers comment on things I write about in my blog or in the company newsletter. Thanks to e-mail, even a low-tech person like me can stay in the loop as to what is on the collective minds of my colleagues in the business and what's happening out on the firing line.

The statistic that really boggles a low-techie like me is the report Google sent recently that said there were 42,859 views of my blog since I started writing it. Wow!

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