Friday, October 11, 2013

Stock answers

Lately a lot of e-mails have asked where I get the information I write about. Most of the comments along with that question are complimentary, but a few are not so much. I usually answer the e-mail with a few lines of prepared text like this:

Thanks for reading the stuff I write. Most of the info I get is from guys like you who are really in the business, plus some golf buddies who are attorneys, accountants and successful business people. Over the years, I've learned to trust what they have to say. About 30 of us are in regular e mail contact. I even have a few politician friends, believe it or not.

To close, I address the individual question about business. The point is that I trust the core of people with whom I regularly correspond and I don't usually write about something without the benefit of asking some of them for advice or knowing the answer from first-hand experience.

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