Friday, October 25, 2013

A numbers game

A mailing list company claims there are 44,532 carpet cleaners in the United States. They also sell a list with 7,105 suppliers to the carpet cleaning trade. That means if the market were divided evenly every supplier would have six or seven customers.

More than 50 years in the cleaning business has taught us what works. Example: By having our own service operation we know that there is nothing better than old fashioned direct (junk) mail to reach a specific market.

Some don't understand what makes direct mail work. A select mailing list, a good mailing piece sent to the same address as often as budget will allow and someone who knows the business to answer the phone when a prospect calls to inquire... That's what it takes.

We have a complete line of reasonably priced brochures that are designed, tested and proven to target the specific market for the services we offer. Call our toll-free number, check out our catalog or look on-line for details. They really work.