Monday, October 07, 2013

Healthcare and inflation

Talking heads on TV say government healthcare will cost more and be less efficient. Radicals on both sides seem to agree on that. Don't forget that all the big insurance companies met with politicians before the plan became law and you can bet they played CYA.

Meanwhile the Fed is printing $85B a month but contends inflation is only 2%. Last week I listed real inflationary increases for things that we use in business. They ranged from 3% to 30% and most people I've talked with say their healthcare rates are increasing from 10% to 40%.

Today I got a 90 day supply of arthritis pills for Tramp, my old hound dog, and they cost 50% more than the last batch. And here's something else for you animal lovers to think about. Some insurance companies are offering insurance plans for animals.

Be careful. When we didn't have health insurance for humans, a hospital room was $10 a night and a doctor made house calls for $8. Insurance is a form of socialism and anything with that label makes everything cost more.

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