Monday, November 04, 2013

CNG (compressed natural gas)

An advertisement in a trade magazine by HydraMaster introduced a new direct-drive unit that uses CNG. That really makes sense and they are applauded for the move. Hopefully one day CNG will become popular because I believe it's the best alternative fuel. It costs less and burns cleaner. Engines run cooler, last longer, and get better MPG than with gasoline.

In 1991 our service company trucks were rigged for CNG. We stopped using it the next year for two reasons. There was only one CNG filling station in our area and it always had long lines. Our Techs didn't like the usual 45 minute to an hour wait-time. Citizens Gas Co., never followed through with their promise of in-house compressors.

I imagine the government wouldn't allow in-house compressors hooked to the company gas line because they couldn't figure out how to collect the taxes they get at the pump. Like everything else they touch, government slows or stops progress in dealing with foreign oil dependency. If they ever allow in-house compressors we'll convert to CNG again.