Friday, September 30, 2016

Uncovered Containers

Uncovered Containers

Why do we note on product containers that they should be closed when not in use? Many products, such as deodorizers, contain solvents and stabilizers that will evaporate from a container that is left open continuously. When that happens, the product loses its effectiveness.

The Bane-Clene® powdered products PCA™ Formula 4 and PCA™ Formula 5, if left uncovered, will draw moisture, cake up and become difficult to dissolve.

Solvent-based products such as Sta-Clene® Formula 940, Saf-T-Solv™, Solv-A-Clene™ and Citrus APS™ will evaporate away if left uncovered continuously. What a tremendous waste of product and your money.

The deodorizers Phase I™, Phase II™ and Phase V™ contain solvents to make them stable. Leaving their containers open will make them less effective.

The Bane-Clene® presprays such as Olefin Pre-Conditioner, Preface® and TLS® 2000 contain solvents (but not Butyl Cellosolve) to aid in removing greasy soils. Leaving the caps off their containers will make them much less effective.

Even most water-based spotters such as APS™ All Purpose Spotter contain volatile solvents to aid in removing spots and stains.

Of course, all containers should be kept closed and away from any children for safety's sake. Our labes are normally labeled "FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY" and "KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN".

Bottom line, if you want the most effective products and value for your money, please close those containers when not in use.

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