Friday, August 18, 2017

Nice Way of Saying "Buyer Beware"

Nice Way of Saying "Buyer Beware"

A Central Indiana BBB (Better Business Bureau) review of advertising stated that "the average person is exposed to between 3000 to 5000 advertising messages daily. Undoubtedly, a percentage of these messages will have some sort of spin or bias that is not entirely truthful. The BBB monitors local advertising but the ultimate responsibility rests with the consumer to verify that the claims made in an ad are factual. After verifying those claims, they can feel that they are making a prudent buying decision.

Our local newspaper, The Indianapolis Star, had a program they initiated called "The Deal Chicken". Apparently, all the good names must have been taken. Anyway, they ran an ad from a local Carpet Cleaner for 58%. The premise was that the consumer would "prepay" for these specials, and the specials were limited so they better hurry. By the way, the program is defunct and the Carpet Cleaner is out of business.

We wonder how many consumers took "advantage" of this and other specials from many types of services and retail outlets before this program went defunct? We would presume that many of the consumers were less than satisfied. The point being in all of this, is don't offer more of a discount or special that would prevent you from doing a good job. Not all consumers are looking for a "deal"; but, what they are looking for is a carpet cleaning company that provides a good service at a fair price.

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