Friday, August 11, 2017

The Cost of Doing Business

The Cost of Doing Business

Every good business person strives to control their costs. But sometimes, we look in the wrong places to save money. One example of that is using ineffective chemicals because they cost less.

Buying an ineffective and inexpensive product has a direct and negative result. If you have to use more of it, is it really costing you less? At Bane-Clene®, we formulate our chemicals with a basic premise, lowest cost use solution. Which, simply put, means you can use less and get the job done and save money.

Another possible effect of using cheaper products is potential harm to the customers environment and the cleaners themselves and finally to your equipment. Gritty material or fillers added to powders will erode pumps, fittings, valves, etc. Potentially toxic additives to spotters and pre-sprays may cause eye, nose and throat irritation.

Also, the finished job will not look as good when cheap chemicals are used. After drying (which could take longer with these chemicals), the surface of the carpet may be hard or crusty and the appearance dull. This alone will result in losing customers. Often times, people do not complain, they just go somewhere else for service next time.

Owners of a Bane-Clene® System can clean everyday for less than $10.00. This figure is for basic cleaning chemicals, traffic lane spotters, etc. It, of course, does not include Plus Sales products such as Sta-Clene®, Bane-Guard ™ and deodorizing products. These are sold for an additional charge to the customer, while providing a benefit to them or solving a problem that exists.

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