Friday, August 04, 2017

Plus Sales

Plus Sales

Many in our trade refer to these sales as "add-ons". Previously, a Bane's Blog® dealt with the subject of "What Makes Your Company Reputable?".

Plus Sales are an important source of additional revenue for a service company. However, many less than reputable companies rely on them because they "low-balled" the customer to gain a cleaning job. Without add-ons, a job is not profitable for them. So, they must incorporate "high pressure" tactics to make money on any job.

Reputable firms have a responsibility to supervise technicians and to make sure overly aggressive tactics are not used to gain extra sales. Most consumers look upon a well trained technician with the same respect they afford other professionals. Therefore, they look to them for advice and suggestions.

Once again, Plus Sales are an important aspect of profitability for a service company. Learning to sell to those that have a need and can afford the extras is as necessary as learning the fundamentals of good cleaning. The sophisticated service company judges its sales success on more than revenue produced by a crew. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are the most important.

Consumers appreciate hearing about additional services and products that are available to them. They do not appreciate being subjected to high pressure tactics. Approach your customers professionally and ethically about Plus Sales and selling them will be easy.

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