Friday, July 28, 2017

What Makes Your Company Reputable?

How many businesses would you considerable reputable today? Perhaps not many. Even the giants of industry can fall flat on their faces from time to time. When an article is published about a Company's failure in an area, their reputation immediately takes a hit. Even if at a later date the article is retracted or changed to show that in the end the Company was not at fault, it is too late. With the negative press they have received, their credibility has dropped, their reputation has become tarnished and in some cases the consumer has stopped buying their products or services.

Could this happen to the Carpet Cleaning Industry? Unfortunately, yes and we may be at fault, if we do not prepare for this. As an industry, we have the ammunition to combat the bait and switch artists, the low ball prices and others that use non-professional tactics trying to make a quick buck. That ammunition is education.

If you are educated on types of carpeting, types of cleaning processes and what different chemicals will do, you will have a leg up on your competition. This basic but yet highly important knowledge will assist in communicating with your customers and assure them they are dealing with a reputable company.

At the Bane-Clene® Institute, we cover these and other important topics. Also we have a wealth of information available on line in the "For Professionals" section at

Most of the customers we service would never think of being a DIY; however, it is possible. Therefore, it must be considered as a potential hazard.

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