Friday, July 14, 2017

Weeding Out Spots

Most of us have spent time pulling weeds in our gardens or flower beds. We obviously all know to be successful the weed must be pulled root and all. We all also know what happens if we don't, the weed grows back in a short period of time.

pots are like weeds, if not treated properly they come back. Spots are not always "spilled" onto carpets. Substances such as grease, oil and other foreign "gunk" are often tracked onto carpets without immediate detection. These foreign matters then attract dirt from additional foot traffic or airborne particles and form a spot on the carpet. During normal extractions and possible pre-spray, this spot is removed from the surface. But, unless the "root" or origin of the spot is treated with proper techniques and or spotters, the spot will "grow" back again.

Be prepared to inquire with your customer what may have caused the spots and if known, treat accordingly. If the origin is unknown, then give the spot extra treatment anyway. Products such as Citrus APS™, Saf-T-Solv™, Red Relief® and Stain Magicare just a few of the products available to keep that spot from "growing" back. The extra effort spent now may prevent a call back and an unhappy customer.

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