Friday, July 07, 2017

Do It Right The First Time

Do It Right The First Time

Most problems arise in the cleaning business from lack of adequate communication between yourself and your customer, rather than an inadequate cleaning job.

The customer should be alerted to the expected time of arrival and any changes to the schedule should be communicated immediately. Once on the job, proper time should be taken to evaluate the areas or materials to be cleaned. Any apparent problems, such as severe stains, tears, open seams, frayed material, etc. should be noted on the invoice and discussed with the customer. It is also a good idea to have the customer acknowledge any issues with their signature on the invoice before beginning. If not properly communicated at the time of the job, these can result in a call back or worse yet a cost to repair or replace the cleaned item or area. Likewise the cost to perform your service should be communicated and acknowledged.

Price your work to be profitable, not just busy. While volume is wonderful, it sometimes produces little or no profit. Your time, knowledge and training are the main commodities of your service business. If your price is to low you may be forced to cheapen your commodity or skimp on time. You do not want your service to be predicated by "the time on the job" rather than the "quality of your work".

Our companies will not have more time tomorrow to "do it again" than we have today to
"do it right the first time".

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