Friday, September 08, 2017

Four Characteristics of a Successful Person


Optimistic people cultivate confidence rather than fear and belief rather than doubt. Also, they look for good rather than evil. They love rather than hate and they forgive rather than carry resentment. Living to a positive force of life will promote happiness and health and helps prolong our lives.


Life is always happening and evolving. Sometimes it shows itself with beauty and kindness and at other times it shows itself with ugliness and harshness. It may thrust itself upon us with difficult problems. Imagination is the tool that will help us solve those problems.


Life presents itself with the needs of others which is the nature of our service business. Customers need us to respect and understand them. There are times we may feel indifferent to them, however strong individuals respond to these wants and needs and are rewarded handsomely.


Say yes to life through cheerfulness. A cheery response may seem difficult at times because the situation does not invite a cheerful mood. Each of us at times could do a better job of being cheerful even if we don't feel that way. Look happy, be happy and perform happy actions. Success never fails those not afraid to try to be successful. Being cheerful will add joy to your life and to those you come in contact with.

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