Friday, November 17, 2017

B.Y.O.B - "Building Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business"

At a recent school, one of the students said that they didn't have a lot of money starting out to invest into advertising. We feel advertising is one of the building blocks and therefore paramount to a business. However, we also appreciate the financial struggles of a young company. Keeping that in mind, we shared some of the potential contacts and ideas we incorporated when we started out.

  1. Family members, relatives, friends and neighbors. Ask them to spread the word.
  2. Offer substantial discounts to former co-workers and boss, as long as your leaving was not a source of conflict.
  3. Social groups, clubs, athletic leagues, lodges, fraternities, sororities, alumni groups, Home Owner Associations. Take advantage of these groups whether you are or are not a member. Discounts or perhaps free "Carpet Protector" are possible ideas.
  4. Church or religious affiliations. With these contacts, it is suggested you offer a demonstration. You will offer to clean so many square feet of carpeting at no charge for each person that attends the demonstration. At the demonstration, serve coffee and soft drinks. After the demonstration, have a question and answer session. You should also distribute literature and your business card. Another idea is to distribute a Gift Service Certificate to those present.

These are just a few of either low or no cost ideas to promote your business.

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