Friday, February 16, 2018

Advertising Guidelines

Truthful advertising with a positive presentation affords the consumer a true and valuable impression of your company and viable expectations of your performance.

These are some of the guidelines that Bane-Clene® Systems uses in advertising.

  1. Never promise more than can be delivered. If you have given the consumer an unrealistic expectation of your abilities then it is a recipe for failure. Be forthright with topics such as spot removal and pet odor problems. State what you will do and based upon the degree of the problem the realistic possibility of 100% success. While this may not be what the consumer wants to hear, it will avoid potential problems.
  2. Ads, internet posts, promotions, etc. should be clear and concise. Promote the services you offer, the features of those services and the benefits to the consumer. Prominently mention organizations you belong to and any awards your company has achieved. This will give your company even more credibility. Which in turn enhances the consumers’ view of your company and the services you offer.
  3. Avoid negative ads. Bashing or belittling your competition will ultimately backfire. While it may feel good to you, the consumer may view it as petty or demeaning. Once again, point out the positive points of having your company be their service provider. If there is a competitor that is doing poor work or promising more than they can deliver, it will ultimately catch up with them. Let the marketplace decide.
  4. Pricing should be fair. Everyone deserves to make a profit. Do not offer bogus discounts or unrealistic prices. Remember, if you work cheap then your work will be representative of your pricing.

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