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The consumer buys our services because their carpet is soiled. We are promoting a “first class” service so we recommend the following guidelines.

  1. We have established a minimum service charge. Normal business costs justify such a charge. Your area of the country and its related costs will figure into that charge.
  2. We charge by the total square foot of carpeting cleaned. We will offer the customer a volume discount, this should encourage them to have more cleaned.
  3. Our prices include the movement of all furniture except those which have breakables in them and pianos, massive china cabinets, refrigerators, etc. If the customer wants them moved then they should be free of breakables and extra fees should be negotiated and a release of liability should be signed.
  4. Pricing should be inclusive of everything necessary to clean the carpeting. So, for us, that includes normal pre-spotting, prespray, Preface® and Per-Scent®.
  5. We customize each job by only cleaning and charging for the areas they want cleaned.
  6. We offer additional services at an extra charge for Sta-Clene® or Bane-Guardcarpet protectors. If deodorizing services are required, they too are an extra charge. Any extra charges should be fully discussed and the price(s) negotiated prior to them being performed.
  7. Once again we offer a “first class” service and service a wide range of demographics. If requested, we will return at no extra charge to remove foil tabs and or foam blocks.
  8. Finally, while they do represent an additional operating expense, we offer most major credit cards. We feel that their costs offset the potential of NSF (insufficient funds) checks and the inherent costs of Accounts Receivable and collections.

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