Friday, March 16, 2018


An often refrain in the Carpet Cleaning business is “I can’t hire good help”. While we do not dispute that notion, our industry is not the only one which experiences such an issue.

So how do you proceed to remedy this situation? Some people run want ads and others use employment agencies, which are certainly viable strategies. However, there are people who would like to and want to work, if they were asked and if they found the job rewarding. So, the key is asking. All owners and managers should go out and recruit. Coaches use that strategy all the time in looking for players at the high school and college level. When you are out and about, look for people a good attitude, patience, courtesy and a professional appearance. Hand that person your business card and tell them you have a job opportunity available. Invite them to call you at their earliest convenience to discuss this opportunity.

Don’t just invite one or two; keep the pipeline open as many people may not call you until they feel the time is right. Statistics show the lack of “Satisfying Work” is one of the main reasons people change jobs. Just like in your advertising program, hiring is a numbers game. It may take several interviews to find the person you want.

All job applicants should fill out an employment application. This document should list references and these should be checked. Your insurance company should process the applicant’s Driver’s License information through your State’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles. All information on the application should be verified. There should be a place on the application where you tell them of the intent to do these things and the applicant should acknowledge that by signing the application.

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