Friday, March 02, 2018

The Competitive Edge -- It’s You!

a customer retains the services of a Professional Carpet Cleaner, they presume
that the company possesses the necessary tools and skills to successfully complete
the job. Many companies, including yours, use good equipment and chemicals.
They send out trained courteous technicians. So where is the Competitive

businesses are people businesses. When all else is equal, the owner or owners
running the business must set standards that assure a Competitive Edge.
So what are some of the factors and standards that will set you apart?

  1. The proper advertising
    will educate potential customers about your company and the services you offer.
    It should be informative, to the point and always maintain a positive message.
  2. Whether it is yourself or a CSR (customer services representative), a trained
    well informed person should answer your phone
    and be prepared to handle incoming calls in a professional manner. A potential
    customers’ time is valuable, show them you respect that. While sometimes
    voice mail or message centers may be needed, avoid making it your “normal”
    way of communicating with your customers.
  3. When your customers see your trucks
    and technicians, do they see “clean”? Your truck is the first visual perception
    of your company and your technicians are the second. Make sure everything
    and everyone is neat, clean and professional looking.
  4. Unless it was done by the CSR during the initial phone contact, be sure
    your technicians advise the customer of additional services you may offer
    such as treatments for carpet
    and fabric protector
    . Also, if appropriate, treatments for pet odors and
    or special stain removal should be mentioned.
  5. Instructions on how to care for their carpets should be provided before
    leaving and technicians should thank the customers for their patronage and
    the opportunity to be of service.
  6. Leaving a “Thank
    You / Reply Card
    ” is a professional way to show you appreciate your customer.
    Or another approach is to follow up after the job either by phone, e-mail
    or a “Thank You” letter. Any of these will show that you value them as a customer.

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Commit to these simple but important efforts and it will give you the Competitive Edge.

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