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Persuading others is a good part of the owner’s or manager’s responsibilities in a Carpet Cleaning Company. The key in this is the art of persuasion; not fostering an argument.

The job will be made easier and more effective if you practice these basic principals:

  1. Personalize your presentation. Adapt your presentation to the personalities of the people with whom you are talking. Make sure they will relate to your words. Keep it simple and direct.
  2. Make it clear. We know what we are thinking and presume that others know what we are talking about. If you are talking to a Carpet Cleaning Technician about increasing “Plus Sales”, be sure they know which products fall under that category. As an example, “Carpet Protectors” as opposed to inclusive products like “Traffic Lane Spotters”.
  3. Reinforce your points. Back up what you are saying with facts and figures. Present an example to your Technician that for every $100.00 in “Plus Sales” they sell, they will make “X” number of dollars for themselves.
  4. Anticipate objections. They may say “I try but the customers don’t want to spend more money”. Try to imagine this and other objections before you talk to them and prepare answers for these objections.

on your ability to persuade, you may or may not be successful in your first
endeavor. However just as you want to persuade your employees, you may need
to persuade yourself to try again. A successful business owner knows this.

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