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The “B”s Of Success In a Carpet Cleaning Business

The “B”s Of Success In a Carpet Cleaning Business

Success in Carpet cleaning

Developing these “B” characteristics will help you become more successful in your carpet cleaning business!

  • “B” ready - Truck should be well-stocked with everything you need to work and with all the products you hope to sell.
  • “B” punctual - People are busy and appreciate promptness. Have the courtesy to call if you are running late and offer them the opportunity to reschedule.
  • “B” clean - You are in the cleaning business. Your appearance reflects the image of your company. Pay close attention to your personal hygiene to ensure that nothing about your person is offensive to the customer. This goes for your truck, too. Keep it clean!
  • “B” professional looking - When making a sales call dress in a business suit with a tie. Skirts or business slacks are the preferred attire for ladies. Carry a briefcase or clipboard. Clothing should be clean, pressed, fit well, and shoes polished.
  • “B” uniformed - If you are also the service person, be sure to wear a clean uniform when doing the work. Clean sneakers or booties should be worn when in a customer's home.
  • “B” knowledgeable - Know about your company, the products and services you offer, and the products you service, i.e. carpet, upholstery, wood floors, tile and stone. Product knowledge will help make you an expert in the cleaning industry and set you apart from most cleaners.
  • “B” a listener - Listen closely to what the customer is saying Answer questions and provide information they want to know. Most customers do not want to hear about your recent divorce, back ache, mean boss, religious persuasion or political views.
  • “B” fair - Treat all customers, regardless of wealth, influence, or size of the job, in the same manner. Do not give preferential treatment based on money spent and do not price the work on the money available, only on need.
  • “B” firm - Once you have carefully figured a job, don’t change the price you have quoted. If you go up, they’ll suspect you of gouging. Go down and they wonder what was left on the table. If another company beats your price, let them have the job. They deserve it.
  • “B” flexible - Cleaning arrangements and maintenance programs are not set in stone. Be willing to make changes to better meet the needs of the customer.
  • “B” polite - Always be courteous to the customer, even in stressful situations. Use tactful reserve in all conversations. The customer is always right even if they are wrong.
  • “B” friendly - If you smile and are friendly, you will most likely put the customer in a good mood and make them more receptive. Remember, however, not to be overly friendly and forward. Maintain a professional distance and use respect in addressing the customer.
  • “B” positive - If you do not believe in what you are selling, why should the customer? Never say anything derogatory about your boss, company, co-workers, competitors or the services offered. Even without voicing negative comments, a poor attitude can usually be sensed by the customer.
  • “B” sincere - Sincerity is the most important characteristic of a successful salesperson. Be straightforward and honest with your customers. Do not promise more than you and your fellow workers can deliver.

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