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The majority of the time your employees will do as they have been instructed without questions. However, there are times when they may seem uncooperative. This does not necessarily mean they are blatantly ignoring you. They may just have questions or be confused by your instructions. Be patient, listen to them and handle the situation with understanding. Usually all it takes is to explain things a little better or differently.

When your employees do something wrong or question your instructions, there’s nothing to be gained by losing your cool. The proper thing to do is stay relaxed and calm. Ask them questions and listen. Find out why they did it. They may feel that what they did was right. Therefore, you need to explain to them the way you want things done. While they may not totally agree with you, they should do it your way.

Very rarely your employees may deliberately do something wrong to get your attention. They may be brooding over a grievance or feel an urge to defy your authority. Yet, all they really want is a chance to talk to you and blow off some steam. Give them a chance to voice their complaints and a little incident won’t turn into a big incident.

Don’t make an issue out of a situation unless you absolutely have to. All of us can be emotional and excitable. So, before you lower the boom on someone, give them and yourself a chance to cool off. That way, no one is backing down and everyone saves face.

It will pay off in goodwill and good work and you will have cooperative employees. This will benefit them, you and your Company.

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