Friday, June 14, 2019

Find The Right Answer

One measure of a good owner is the extent to which their associates feel free to question their point of view by suggesting alternatives.

It isn’t exactly comforting to have someone disagree with you, especially about something to which you have already given considerable thought. It implies you might be wrong or at least not as right as someone else.

The owner who considers multiple solutions to a problem is more apt to find the right answer as opposed to the person who only considers one. Also, it is the mark of a good owner who encourages their associates to present their ideas.

Good owners recognize the danger of a negative reaction from one of their employees, if that person suggests an alternative idea and that idea is quickly dismissed. They are aware enough to know they are not going to be right all of the time. That is why they want these opposing points of view as a potential way to avoid or correct mistakes.

Many employees need encouragement to speak up. Give it to them by:

  • Hearing them out when they have something to say.
  • Asking their opinion before you have formed yours.
  • Not being argumentative or taking personal offense at different points of view.
  • Showing in your attitude and actions that you value a person who speaks up.

Letting people express their opinions does not reduce your authority. Neither does it keep you from insisting on 100 percent once a final decision has been made. It simply means you are willing to use everybody’s input to reach the best answer.

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